I envision a not too distant future when the people responsible for our own security fail with ill-fated results. This can be the breakdown of an already fragile infrastructure, the anxiety of preparing for our own defense, or the fear of coping with the aftermath of a tragic event. Based on these speculations a visual mythology of rarely seen places that are designed to monitor, control and respond to unfortunate events are created. I harvest these observations, analyzing how spaces can be transformed due to a high level of security or incidents of alarm and emergency. The act of being denied access to a place or the knowledge that a rare tragedy occurred only creates intrigue. The moment when intrigue and the denial of information cross paths a mythology is born.

I look at how structures are built for security and privacy, then exaggerate those design elements. I fabricate these scenarios through building miniature 3D sets, placing the viewer in a strange mental space; caught between the photographic reality of the material and the alternate reality the space creates as a whole.

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