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About Garrett

“Imagination is essentially memory. It’s putting different elements together in different combinations. It’s a process of arranging knowledge into new formats.”

-Syd Mead


These images are a hybrid of visual elements used in set design and concept art found in filmmaking.  By fabricating these scenarios through building 3D sets I am able to integrate the unusual into the ordinary, placing the viewer in unlikely environments. The events occurring in the photographs reference archetypes of alarm and emergency, depicting a transition from a stable to an unstable situation. I believe that space in itself can contain a mythology, as in a set of stories or ideas centered around a place we commonly do not have access to.  I’m exploring how these unobtainable spaces are dramatized, and through this gain mythical status. Stripping the scene of the action I reduce the environment to its basic formal elements, allowing the materiality of the set to create an enriched atmosphere.  When photographing these constructed sets I place the viewer in a strange mental space; caught between the photographic reality of the material and the alternate reality the space creates as a whole. 

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